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Had the keyboard featured a backlight, I would have ordered it on the day it was launched but even without that, I am still very tempted to get it as my primary machine. A perfect carry-anywhere notebook? Elsewhere, we have to give due credit. If you need more power than the MacBook Air in an All that competition though and the MacBook Air still reigns as the most drool worthy and well constructed of all these in the inch laptop category. The aluminum unicast body is extremely solid feeling and the feather light weight just amazing.

The screen on the MacBook Air 11 also stands out against any of the competition. In conclusion, I do recommend the MacBook Air Apple claims that the MacBook Air's battery life is five hours; it lasted 4 hours and 27 minutes in our battery rundown test, where we looped an XviD file in full screen mode. Macbook Air Especially when you consider you can get a MacBook with a hour battery, more storage and a 2. The Macbook Air Its brushed aluminium shell is not subject to scratches.

Note however that if size is not a decisive factor in your choice, the MacBook Pro offers better battery life and much better performance.

This is not a netbook. MacBook Air As a lover of small, slim, lightweight computers, I sure am. The problem is that, since performance is inevitably limited by form-factor in this and all similar sized machines, it's not going to be radically better than my year-old Acer Aspire Timeline TZ, which, incidentally, can deliver 50 per cent more battery life than the Air and has Gigabit Ethernet, a third USB port and a SD card slot.

But it's also heavier and considerably thicker. And it runs Windows 7. I could hackintosh it, but those who have report that not all the parts work under Mac OS X, in particular the Wi-Fi and sleep mode, two features I rely on. And as anyone who, like me, has dropped an Air before, that aluminium casing can't half take some punishment.

The inch MacBook Air is a powerful ultraportable that makes other systems in its class look positively bloated. More important, this machine never keeps you waiting, thanks to the way it uses flash memory. We just wish the hinge for the display were a bit tighter to prevent unwanted movement. But if you want the thinnest, lightest Mac experience ever, this Air will leave you elated. MacBook Air Quelle: enet. The system is still extremely portable but doesn't sacrifice as much performance, battery life or storage space.

It still has its downsides such as not being upgradeable after purchase but it is so hard to really fault Apple on these when there is no other ultrathin laptop to compare with it. The screen is bright enough that even with sun shining through the window it was viewable despite being a glossy screen. The keyboard is comfortable enough to type even in a bumpy car. The size is perfect for pulling the computer out of the bag even in cramped spaces. The weight and thickness make carrying the MacBook Air in a bag, with every possible accessory I could possibly need, lighter than my previous monster of a laptop.

It has enough power to charge an iPad and other accessories over USB overnight. Sure, but if you need even more power there's always the 13" MacBook Pro. If you're okay with the simple elegance that the new Macbook Air 13 is designed to deliver, with perhaps a few of the inherent limitations that come within its sleek packaging, you'll have a tough time finding a nicer inch thin and light notebook. The MacBook does deliver, but the accent on thinness does mean sacrifices, like the so-so keyboard, and lack of wired LAN adaptor. Read our review to find out. Und trotzdem starke Leistung.

Das ist der Anspruch an ein Ultrabook. Doch leider hat es eine sehr langsame SSD, die sich auf die Gesamtperformance negativ auswirkt. Minus: -. Alternative: Toshiba R ca. Und mit einem Preis von rund Euro ist es nicht teurer als die direkten Konkurrenten von Lenovo und Samsung. Zum Ausgleich bekommt man hingegen eine respektable Akkulaufzeit.

Die Tastatur ist nun beleuchtet und die Anwendungsleistung ist stark gestiegen. Angeblich verkauft Apple derzeit rund If you need something that offers a bit more power and a smidge better resolution, go for the inch form factor.

This makes it a sizeable investment, but one you're unlikely to regret — the build quality is phenomenal and the components top-notch. The new Core i5 processor and 4GB of memory are a marked improvement in performance over the past model. Add to this the inclusion of the backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt port and it has become even more functional.

Over the previous generations it offers a better processor, a backlit keyboard and a Thunderbolt connector, while leaving everything that made its predecessors so attractive intact. It's still not cheap, but it has gained that vital bit of credibility as a worthwhile premium laptop solution, and is now worth its asking price. For many, PCs costing half the price offer a better, more sensible solution, but the MacBook Air remains king of the ultraportable brigade. It is thanks to Apple, who persevered in the direction in which they think they should, that we are able to get the MacBook Air today.

At the time, we were impressed by the performance of the Air, considering its absurdly thin size. Now the qualifier to that statement can be removed. The second-gen Intel Core i5 in the new model provides performance that is almost indistinguishable from a larger laptop. Note however that a richer connectivity wouldn't go amiss as there still aren't very many thunderbolt compatible peripherals out there. Apple claims that the MacBook Air's battery life is "up to seven" hours; it lasted almost six hours in our battery rundown test, where we looped an XviD file in full screen mode.

Now that we've posted performance reports for the standard-configuration MacBook Airs, it was time to turn our attention to testing the optional, build-to-order BTO configurations of Apple's latest line of ultra-portable computers. Its combination of lightning speed, slim profile and the gesture-tastic Mac OS X Lion mean it melds the benefits of tablets portability, usability with the power of traditional laptops.

And, to top it all, it's an incredibly lovely thing. We recommend adopting one as soon as financially possible. But with more than enough processing grunt for both work and leisure, decent battery life, and exemplary ergonomics and design out of the box, the MacBook Air 13in is - by the silver skin on its tiny behind - the most desirable executive laptop on the market, bar none. There's still no dethroning the MacBook Pro although the inch model clearly needs a higher resolution display option , but for the rest of the world there are now some excellent ultra portable options that don't force you to really compromise on performance.

If you don't need that extra oomph, a MacBook Air is one of the very finest laptops on the market. A real statement and pretty handy at every common task. But you're digging pretty deep for the pleasure of owning one. But enough about us, is the new MacBook Air still the best ultraportable laptop you can buy? Alan Lu takes a closer look in our review. Battery life is excellent, instant-resume from standby is a joy and the SSD drive means no moving parts and better speed, and it comes with the impressive new Mac OS X Lion.

It's still light on ports, the missing SD slot on the inch model is a drag, and no, it isn't cheap, but this machine is fast, efficient, and not to be underestimated. It's a supermodel with a law degree from Columbia, a hunky motorcycle racer who looks good in leathers yet is also a concert pianist -- whatever your passion it won't disappoint, all while making a lot more room in your bag. We for one will be going out to buy one once our review model goes back, and you can't get better praise than that.

The latest version of the inch MacBook Air vastly outperforms its predecessor, and can finally be called suitable for mainstream use, instead of relegated as a niche product.

Some were charmed by the machine's razor-thin design and light weight. Apple's new inch MacBook Air offers the same super-slim and sturdy design as its predecessor, but packs in a more powerful processor. It's a fantastic choice for the super-wealthy traveller. In Altogether, the MacBook Air remains our ultraportable of choice. Putting in the Core i5 processor, upping the standard memory configuration to 4GB, and having a new graphics subsystem translate into a significant performance improvement over the previous Air inch.

That and adding a Thunderbolt port, bringing back the backlit keyboard, and the timely release of Mac OS X Lion will surely make it a formidable player in the ultraportable space. When you combine a sleek ultraportable design with a great display and touchpad then nearly double the performance--without sacrificing battery life--you're left with a winner.

Add it all up and you have a machine that not only earns our Editors' Choice award but also a very rare five-star rating. On the outside, it looks almost entirely identical to the late MacBook Air iteration, which was released in October Intel's next-gen processors put the latest Air on performance overdrive.

It's one of the most powerful—and beautiful—ultraportables available. Bei Design und Verarbeitung steht Apple ohnehin ganz vorne. Die magere Ausstattung spricht dagegen gegen das Macbook Air But what it lacks in these respects it makes up for in build quality — especially when it comes to the screen — and for giving you the option to have a machine running both Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

It was too slow and an example of form over function. With the refresh, Apple has managed to keep the remarkable form, but also add some internals that make this more than just a rich person's plaything. Now, the Air is an excellent day-to-day laptop, and one that we think most people will find more than adequate for their needs. Unless those needs are crunching the data that comes out of the CERN supercollider. If nothing else, Intel's Ultrabook specification proves that Apple had the right idea when it first launched the Air.

There is demand for these small laptops, and it's possible to build them and make them objects of desire while remaining useful. Add to that the fact that Air's performance statistics trounce those of even some mainstream laptops, makes the option of buying this Mac unit all the more attractive. While the update has brought some marked improvement in performance, it doesn't address enough of the other issues to make it a great replacement for the MacBook Pro.

It certainly is extremely small and light but this is not a great primary computer due to the memory and storage concerns. The laptop is definitely the better option for productivity on the move, and can be used in an office because it has excellent specifications. Those who just want to browse the internet on the move would be better suited to the iPad 2.

We recommend buying a Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 and using the extra money to invest in a mobile phone contract with a generous data allowance. The tablet can be tethered to the smartphone when Wi-Fi is not available, and this will save on having to pay two separate contracts. Given the choice, V3 definitely opts for the laptop over the tablet, as it is so much more useful and is definitely worth the extra investment. The inclusion of the latest version of the operating system, OS X Lion, is the most important change, and it worked well on the Macbook Air.

This is an excellent but expensive laptop, but it is a pleasure to use and looks great. If you want your Air as a convenient portable Mac to supplement to your main machine, you might be better off with an entry-level model. This ultraportable laptop continues to get more powerful but Apple hasn't redesigned the cooling system to cope with this.

Plus, the connectivity is still just as lite. Alan Lu finds out in our review. Nonetheless, it is far from a frivolous purchase. Its styling and build are unrivalled, it has plenty enough performance for everyday computing, it'll at least half a working day on battery, and the improvements to MacOSX make it a lovely system to use.

It does lack connectivity right out of the box even eshewing the SD card slot of its 13in sibling but, thanks to its ThunderBolt port, it can actually connect to just about anything you desire with the right adapter once they become available. Many competitors are getting close but right now the Air is still flying high. It's certainly a fine laptop, with plenty of features you'll only get from Apple, like outstanding design, a highly refined multitouch trackpad, and OS X Lion.

But you'll have to sacrifice several features that come standard on other inch laptops, like all-day battery life, an Ethernet port, SD card reader, and significant storage space. When judged purely on its feature set the MacBook Air inch Thunderbolt comes up short compared with its peers. But with its light weight, striking looks, and Apple's well-deserved reputation for reliability, the MacBook Air inch Thunderbolt presents a compelling package for Apple devotees.

The tiny, slim ultraportable was the smallest laptop Apple had ever made. This year's inch MacBook Air improves on last year's model in several significant ways and is by far the fastest ultraportable you're likely to find, though some users will consider the limited flash storage space to be a hindrance. Frequent travelers and students would, but a few family members and co-workers said they would prefer a larger inch screen. The inch MacBook Air is a very good ultraportable, but some shoppers will prefer one of Apple's other options as an everyday notebook.

Nein, Danke. Das Update auf die neueste Intel-Technik bekommt dem Winzling sehr gut. Wenn Sie noch kein MacBook Air haben und unterwegs Office-Anwendungen bearbeiten wollen, bekommen Sie mit der aktuellen Generation ein gutes, stilvolles und sehr leichtes Subnotebook.

There are few Thunderbolt-enabled devices around, but expect more in The lack of USB 3. Design and execution are so professional that it's the sort of review where you start with per cent, and knock off the odd one here and there. The overall experience is superb, and while the smallest Apple MacBook Air comes at a cost, it is a real advance in user expectations of how much a computer should weigh and what it should do.

The Macbook Air was never quite powerful enough to fill that niche. Until now. Apple has transformed its dizzy eye-candy into a serious machine. Apple's latest iteration of the inch MacBook air packs excellent performance inside a razor-thin body. Its high price and sparse port selection means it won't appeal to everyone though.

Apple's inch MacBook Air Core i7 1. You shouldn't expect any real impact on battery life in normal use but you'll see a noticeable gain in performance across the board. Wir haben das Einstiegsmodell mit Wer bei einem ultra-mobilen Notebook keine Kompromisse machen will, muss rund Euro investieren, und zum Macbook Air 13 greifen. We also appreciate the even quieter fan. The new MacBook Air has so many great features that you'll soon get over the fact that its screen isn't quite as good as the displays in certain rivals although it's still above average and that it's lacking a few connections.

For all the Ultrabooks we've seen, none can quite match the Macbook Air. The and older models are just plain slow by comparison. Thanks to architectural, frequency and thermal improvements, one of the cores from a MacBook Air ends up being faster than two from a MBA. In other words, the models end up being more than twice as fast as the models in many of our CPU bound tests. Four years after its unveiling, the Air is still one of the sexiest notebooks on the market and with the recent slight price adjustment, it seems to be competing well even on value terms. Intel is likely to put some extra pressure on the Air with second and third generation ultrabooks, many of which are shaping up to be real contenders, at least on paper.

Arguably, the Air offers a lot of advantages too. The screen is , which, for most computer use is far better than that stupid ratio, foisted upon us by HD television. Last year's model upgraded to second-generation Core processors from the two-year old Core Duo, which saw much more dramatic improvements in performance. But, unlike this time last year, there are other impressive lightweight options out there. So be sure to check out our Best Ultrabook feature and reviews to see if the MacBook Air is the right ultra-portable notebook for you.

Performance has improved as has battery life thanks to the new Ivy Bridge based dual core processor. Storage and memory remain unchanged but now external expansion is improved with USB 3. This year's MacBook Air opts for gradual improvements rather than anything revolutionary, but lowered prices continue to make it the go-to mainstream recommendation for any MacBook owner-to-be.

As for those faster Ivy Bridge processors, well, every PC maker is refreshing their Ultrabooks with Intel's new chips, if they haven't already. Faster, more flexible and cheaper, it presents the strongest challenge from an Air model to-date. The only reason we dropped the rating from a perfect 5 stars to 4. Although a new processor gives you a little extra performance and some tests, the real additions are things like the new for Mac USB 3. The new inch Apple MacBook Air is as thin and stunningly designed as ever, but it's now packing the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processor, making it more formidable for graphics tasks and bringing those all-important high-speed USB 3.

It's still going to cost you a pretty penny though.

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It was an attractive enough proposition before, but the model sets the bar exceedingly high for the impending wave of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks. In Sachen Performance geben sich die beiden Varianten wenig bis nichts, was aufgrund der identischen Hardware auch kein Wunder ist. Positiv sind die beiden USB It's light at less than 2. It's speedy enough for day to day use, and its keyboard is more comfortable to use than the virtual keyboard on a tablet. Unfortunately, ultrabooks like the Asus Zenbook Prime have caught up in features: the UX31A is imperceptibly heavier, yet has a larger p screen and much more storage space on its SSD.

Full blown business ultraportables like the Editors' Choice Lenovo ThinkPad X are better still at most tasks, including battery life and storage. The inch MacBook Pro is best as a secondary laptop for when you need more than a tablet. The version of the MacBook Air 11" has added processor power and battery life to the stock and is just as excellent of a deal in terms of size, capability and make.

On the downside, it's still lacking in all the same areas: skimpy connectivity, problematic heat dissipation and an overly glossy display. But that's not so much the case with the smaller model. It may not have the sheer power of its MacBook Pro brethren, but it's hardly a slacker either with the third-generation Intel Core power making for a much slicker experience than last year's range.

Its build quality, design, and value are difficult for any PC alternative to match. The chassis is still the same extremely thin and light platform as before making it the smallest of the inch laptops on the market. The changes instead are all internal with a newer Core i5 processor that gives a slight performance improvement and better graphics, 4GB of memory instead of 2GB and USB 3.

Those and inchers were all the rage a few years ago, but thanks to the rise of larger-screened ultrabooks and smaller-screened tablets, they've been disappearing from the computer landscape. The new inch MacBook Air is every bit as fast as the inch Air, despite its smaller size, but you'll give up 2 hours of battery life in the bargain. That isn't a bad thing though as the quality of that older model was top notch in many regards.

We get a nice sturdy metal casing which is manufactured to a high standard. Each section fits the next perfectly and we noted no defects or imperfections on our model. Dennoch ist es einen Hauch langsamer. The edition of the 11" MacBook Air is a step up from the model in terms of battery life and heat dissipation. Unfortunately, the TN screen is still only so good and it has very few ports. For big-time Apple fans only. Ridiculously long battery life highlights the latest The Haswell update provides significant improvements in performance, graphics and battery life, and the premium prices charged for many Windows Ultrabooks means that it no longer looks over-priced when compared to its nearest rivals.

We still recommend the inch model for those who need portability more than any other factor, but the fact of the matter is that the inch model is ultimately a better buy and continues as our Editors' Choice for mainstream ultraportable laptops. Although this update doesn't bring a change in design or display, it does bring a substantial performance boost. This may be a small form notebook, but there's plenty of power to tackle your daily computing needs. But overall, if you're after something light, portable and powerful, the the MacBook Air inch still makes a great choice.

Considering its small size, its impressive battery life and overall design, you should definitely check out our review of the in model to see if it makes senses as the best current Ultrabook. You can run any applications you'll need for business use, including Microsoft Office, and the trackpad and Mac OS X make the Air a pleasurable device to use. And the good news for first-time Air purchasers, is that they'll be getting extra battery life and storage space, still at the original price tag.

However, savvy buyers might want to wait until autumn to get their hands on a MacBook Air running Mavericks. Its performance, aided by Intel's 4th-gen processor, tops that of other inch ultraportables, the keyboard and touchpad remain excellent, and most importantly for an on-the-go notebook, this Air lasts nearly 9 hours on a charge. It makes advances in some key areas, most notably graphics performance and faster flash, but these are partly held back by the slower CPUs.

Many will bemoan the lack of a Retina display too, at least as an optional extra. But factor in the better battery life and improved Wi-Fi, and the MacBook Air is a clear win overall. Excellent battery life and supremely portable forms sometimes make me ask: why use a laptop, which has subpar battery life, at all?

The battery boost alone might be worth it. Ebenfalls spitze sind Tastatur und Touchpad. Geschwindigkeit, Bedienung und Verarbeitung bleiben top. Das Air ist nicht mehr konkurrenzlos gut, aber immer noch eines der besten Ultrabooks - obwohl es eigentlich keines ist. So etwas darf nicht auftreten. The new processor provides it with battery life on par with many tablets. The upgraded storage also makes it a compelling option against the larger inch.

The big problem that plagues the Apple MacBook Air's is their dated screens. Die-hard Windows users may prefer one of the many fine Ultrabooks or hybrids on the market — Windows 8 remains at its best with a touchscreen — but if style, speed and stamina matter more to you, the MacBook Air ticks every box. You can run any applications you'll need for business use, including Microsoft Office, and the trackpad and Mac OS X make the Air a pleasure to use. The good news for first-time Air purchasers, is that they'll be getting Intel Haswell-based models at a cheaper price than the MacBook Airs.

The battery life is little short of incredible. Business travellers taking long flights and students who need it all day for lectures and then throughout the evening for writing an essay will love its all-day power. The faster graphics and quicker storage do much to compensate for the slower processors, but we wish Apple had at least matched the MacBook Air's clock speeds.

It also keeps some of the computer's original advantages such as the sound quality and thin, lightweight chassis. On the other hand, the battery life gets nearly halved and the screen's colours become far less accurate. From significantly improved graphics and file system performance, to dramatically longer battery life; you might say one of the top "Ultrabooks" on the market currently isn't actually an Ultrabook - it's a Mac.

A full HD Air, anyone? SATA Express and In short, choosing a skinny laptop is now simply a matter of whether you want Mac OS X or not. This laptop will last you 12 hours of internet- enabled usage before needing a recharge. Overall performance hasn't really improved though and the retina display is still absent. Fourteen and a half hours! Just think of the possibilities. Best keyboard and trackpad out there.

Better networking performance with For some, lack of Ethernet port or optical drive may be a deal-breaker. The Apple Macbook Air inch is a fantastic update to an already excellent product. In short, we've come away thinking that the world's best laptop just got better. For the first time in years, the company is selling based on price rather than quality. Rather than changing the design, they decided to have the same look and disappointingly screen.

Performance also remains roughly the same although the storage is noticeably faster.

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Equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the latest MacBook Air inch shows decent performance gains. But it's the ultraportable's over 15 hours of battery life that blows away the competition. The fact that it can return such a long battery life while still using a mainstream processor is astonishing.

Make no mistake, this simple score shows that laptops haven't conceded the battery life prizes to the mobile OS tablets yet. The MacBook Air 13 is close, but not quite perfect, since it lacks a built in HDMI-out port and the slower-clocked processor returns slower multimedia performance on benchmark tests than rivals. That said, due to its excellent battery life, portability, and its very good day-to-day performance, we have no qualms in giving the Apple MacBook Air inch Mid the Editors' Choice for ultraportable laptops.

Apple keeps the latest MacBook Air updates on the inside, but greatly improved battery life and a less-expensive starting price make up for a lack of flashy design changes. The truth lies somewhere in between, but it goes without saying that the MacBook Air isn't quite the straightforward "buy" that it has been in the past. But we thought we'd introduce you to this new model in the flesh.

Externally, there's little change to the design of the MacBook Air. That's no bad thing, because it remains one of the best designed notebooks out there and we're happy to stick with the tried and tested formula. It's an improvement on an already terrific laptop and, though we always love to see a new design, the only thing we'd like to see dramatically different is the screen resolution.

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The specification is stunning and we're really looking forward to seeing how it copes in our battery life and performance tests. The only thing missing is a sharper display, although the Air's screen is still as bright and colorful as before. Wir konzentrieren uns auf die inneren Werte. Das macht durchaus an. Leistung und Display sind nur Durchschnitt. Doch Neukunden, die sich gerade jetzt zum Kauf des Subnotebooks durchringen wollen, wird die Entscheidung leichter gemacht. Which Mac laptop? It's great to see Apple reducing prices across its MacBook ranges, but the lower prices of the MacBook Pro Retina range do have the effect of making the MacBook Air look less attractive in comparison.

However, we still love the MacBook Air, which is lighter and thinner, although a fraction bigger than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. If it's the MacBook Air that you have your heart set on, you can't go wrong with it, but if you have a little more in your budget, then consider the MacBook Pro with Retina display because it's a really good deal in comparison. The best just got better. With the Yoga 2 Pro packing in a high-DPI display and a similar all-round specification for only 99p more, and no shortage of fine Windows 8 alternatives, the MacBook Air has some serious competition on its hands.

That should keep sales going for a few months yet, but this old dog needs to learn a few new tricks if it wants to keep its position as leader of the pack. The MacBook Air's screen isn't bad, but it isn't good either: it's just deeply average. This will be enough to dismiss the MacBook Air in some eyes, but this doesn't tell the whole story. That's because everything else about the MacBook Air remains outstanding. This also means it's exceedingly good value, so much so that anyone who is 'platform neutral' will find it hard to consider anything else.

Plus, OS X Mavericks is easier to use and less of a hassle than Windows 8 when it comes to security updates. However, the flash storage on this Air isn't as speedy as that on the last model. Unfortunately in some areas the Mac Air isn't quite as good as last year's model - the flash storage seems to be slower than it was in For this reason, if you can get a discounted 13in MacBook Air from the Apple refurb store, it is still be worth considering as an alternative to the newer model. Quelle: Ferra. Minus: Nur wenige Schnittstellen, zu knapper Speicherplatz. Dazu punktet der Mini mit der Apple-typisch guten Ergonomie.

Bei der Ausstattung hat der Hersteller aber gespart. Das MacBook Air ist wahnsinnig kompakt, hat eine wahnsinnig lange Batterielaufzeit und gemessen an beidem wahnsinnig viel Power. Dell XPS 13 vs. However, having matched the Surface Pro 3 in performance and battery life, and featuring a more user-friendly laptop design, the MacBook Air definitely gave Microsoft's latest hybrid a run for its money and still is a significantly better choice for users more familiar with Apple's platform.

It's also that most unusual of items: an Apple product which represents good value for money. That screen is really starting to show its age, though, so fingers crossed that Apple brings out an Air with Retina Display soon. This inch laptop, nearly the size of an iPad, now lasts almost as long as one, too. It could tip the balance in favor of the 11 for some. For others, though, an iPad plus keyboard might have replaced this already. Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air comparison: Microsoft's new tablet is impressive, but can it really replace your laptop?

Quelle: Macworld. It really does have specs that rival the MacBook Air and portability that brings it closer to competing tablets. But when it actually comes to using the Surface Pro 3 as a laptop, it's not the most comfortable of activities. We find the MacBook Air wonderful to work on for long periods of time, and with that lengthy battery life it's more suitable for full-day use. For the platform agnostic looking for thin, light, and powerful, the MacBook Air is certainly worth considering.

If you want the lightest laptop available there is no need to sacrifice power - the 11in MacBook Air is just as good as the 13in model. Unfortunately in some areas this year's model isn't quite as good as last year's model - the flash storage seems to be slower than it was in If you can get a discounted 11in MacBook Air from the Apple refurb store, it is still be worth considering as an alternative to the Mac Air model. The speed differences are far too subtle for you to even consider upgrading.

And if you can find last year's model on the cheap, then I'd also recommend going that route. Save the money, and enjoy your shiny new 99 percent as good as this year's model MacBook Air.

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