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How to Give Any KDE Desktop An Ubuntu Makeover So, if you like Arc theme on other desktops, KArc theme will be perfect for you. Jomada Style is one of the best plasma themes for KDE. This is a white theme with blur tinge in it. There is a little problem with this theme because many users think that this theme is very bright.

how do I make KDE feel more like Gnome and MacOsX

However, its design will blow your mind. The color of the panel is a grey which makes everything on your eyes. You can install this theme for your KDE desktop. Arc KDE is one of the most popular plasma themes at present. This theme is straightforward to use. Arc KDE is well-developed plasma theme having modern features. This is why Arc has just been a GTK theme.

I think this theme will be perfect plasma theme for KDE Desktop. If you like this article, please share it with your friends.

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Thank you very much. Maia Transparent is a nice theme. What icon theme is used in the screenshot? They look very uniform and I like uniform. They remind me of the icon theme my Samsung Galaxy Note currently uses. Dex, I believe that theme is called. I also agree that Helium should have been listed. Great Plasma theme, as well.

The Desktop Theme

While the quick fix is to set the Keep above others option in the window's right-click menu, that only lasts as long as that instance of the window is open. I get asked a lot about how to make things start or stop them from starting at login. Then change the "Menus" config tab :. I've updated the article to reflect this. KDE 3. The core problem is Plasma, or to be more precise, the Oxygen theme, or to be even more preciser…er, the fact that it uses inverted colors by default. But while it's often talked about, a lot of people don't really know exactly what it does.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thursday, July 11, Element 2. OxyLight 5 3. Unity Ambiance 4. Numix 5. Maia Transparent 6. Rice 7. K-Zukitwo 8. Klone10 9. KArc Transparent Jomada Style Arc KDE Featured Themes Top List. Mehedi Hasan. Download from KDE Store 2. Download from KDE Store 3. Unity Ambiance Default Ubuntu theme is a well-known theme for Linux. Download from KDE Store 4.

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Numix Numix is a fantastic plasma theme which features flat, dark and sleek design. Download from KDE Store 5. Download from KDE Store 6. Rice If you are looking for grey or black theme for KDE plasma desktop Rice theme will be perfect for you.

Re: how do I make KDE feel more like Gnome and MacOsX

Download from KDE Store 7. Download from KDE Store 8. Klone10 Klone10 is known as Plasma 5 breeze theme. Download from KDE Store 9. KDE uses a slightly different icon theme system from Gnome and Ubuntu. Therefore, it may not be the best idea to use those themes directly, but they will still work. The alternative is that you can find one specifically modified for KDE.

You are certainly not limited to the examples I have shown. You can mix and match whatever you like to get your KDE desktop looking exactly the way you want. Really nice example.

KSmoothDock 5.9 - A MacOS-Like Application Dock For KDE Plasma - Receives Updates

I had more stable performance with kde than GNoME. Unfortunately, Kubuntu is buggier this time, and I really love the way Unity acts namely the long press control button and chose number to toggle an app. Skip to content.

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Make Your KDE Plasma Desktop Look Like MacOS - KDE Plasma MacOS theme, In the screenshot above you can see the default KDE panel at the bottom, and a Download Huawei Matebook X Pro Stock Wallpapers. A Latte layout that tries mimic macOS X design and spacing. Before you Recommended font is SF Compact, as seen in the screenshot.

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[kde] how do I make KDE feel more like Gnome and MacOsX

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I like default KDE layout. Although, set of fresh ideas is always nice! Post navigation Previous story.

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